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LifeVac’ s 1497th life saved, a child in British Columbia!

LifeVac Canada is overjoyed to report that a 2-year-old boy, located in British Columbia, Canada, was rescued by LifeVac! This is the 1497th life saved by LifeVac! The child choked on an ice cube causing a total obstruction. This is is the father's testimonial. "LifeVac definitely saved my child's life… I work in health & [...]

LifeVac in the News!

In the media! Today we share LifeVac Founder, Arthur Lih's interview on Midday Maryland. Please watch and share this interview. Together we can help spread awareness about LIfeVac's mission to end choking tragedies and the incredible offer to donate a free unit to every school. Watch the piece here:

LifeVac Celebrates 1000 Lives Saved! An Ohio police officer saved a 2-year-old choking toddler using a LifeVac device. Bodycam video showed a police officer rushing to a family’s home and retrieving a portable airway-clearing device from the trunk of his car before helping the child. The officer utilized the device and was successfully able to remove a 2-inch-long toy [...]