Monthly Archives: November 2021

LifeVac Saves Another Life In Care Home – #210

LifeVac registers its 210th life saved. The team at LifeVac Europe is extremely proud to share the news that LifeVac has once again saved another life within the UK care home. This time an 81-year-old female resident was enjoying her meal when she came into difficulty. Bread and meat had become lodged in her airway [...]

Inside Edition – Stranger Saves 10-Month-Old Baby with LifeVac

It was a scary moment at a South Carolina restaurant when a 10-month-old baby started choking on a piece of pancake. Diners rushed to help the distressed family, but the Heimlich maneuver didn’t work. Salvation came in the form of a man named Major Hillard, who retrieved a device called a Lifevac from his car. [...]

LifeVac Saves a Life in Spain – #208

LifeVac registers its 208th life saved. LifeVac Europe is thrilled to announce the news that we have helped save another life in a choking emergency, this time within a nursing home in Murcia, Spain. It was reported to LifeVac Europe through our distributor, LifeVac Spain (LifeVac es), an 89-year-old female was enjoying her dinner when [...]

LifeVac Saves a 2-Year-Old Boy from Choking – #207

LifeVac is excited to announce our 207th life saved, the 99th child! A 2-year-old boy choked on a piece of chicken causing a blocked airway where the child was gasping for air and not able to make any noise.  Choking rescue protocol was carried out, but failed.  Here is the mom’s testimonial: On the first [...]

65-Year-Old Saved with LifeVac – #206

We are happy to share news of our 206th life saved! A 65-year-old man choked on saltine crackers causing an airway obstruction. Choking rescue procedures were followed but were unsuccessful.  LifeVac was utilized and dislodged the obstruction saving his life.  He was taken to the hospital for a follow-up evaluation. “LifeVac absolutely saved his life, [...]

82-Year-Old with Dysphasia Saved with LifeVac – #205

LifeVac is delighted to announce its 205th life saved. An 82-year-old woman with dysphagia choked on a combination of pureed foods while eating lunch.  Her nurse performed back blows but was not able to clear her airway.  The Heimlich could not be performed as the woman is very fragile and weighs only 80 pounds.  The LifeVac [...]

LifeVac saves 6-year-old boy from choking – #200

LifeVac Registers 200th Life Saved! We are so proud to share that LifeVac has reached another incredible milestone saving our 200th life. A 6-year-old boy choked on a piece of a round lollipop (sucker candy) causing a total blockage of his airway.  The child’s mother performed back slows several times, but the candy did not [...]

LifeVac saves another child from choking – #199

LifeVac Registers 199th Life Saved! On October 17th we received news that a child was choking on vomit and could not breathe.  LifeVac was used right away.  His mother stated “LifeVac helped him to stop choking on his vomit and prevented aspiration. It saved his life.”    You never know when a choking emergency may [...]