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“I am trained in CPR, I did the Heimlich, it did not work, my daughter was dying in front of me. LifeVac saved her life. Please have a LifeVac. It is priceless!”

Claire Duvall, Mother

About LifeVac

The LifeVac is a non-powered, non-invasive, airway clearance device developed for resuscitating a victim with an upper airway obstruction when current choking protocols have been followed without success.

The LifeVac has a one-way valve that is designed to prevent air from entering a choking victim on the downward motion. The LifeVac creates suction and negative pressure that will help remove the lodged food or object in the event of choking.

The LifeVac comes with two mask sizes, Adult and Pediatric to fit different age groups.

The LifeVac is available in a Home Kit or a durable wall mounted acrylic case for residential, industrial and public spaces.


Watch as a stranger saves a life at a restaurant in South Carolina with LifeVac

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Thank you again for making such a wonderful device – and ultimately saving my daughter’s life.”

C. Langley


I never in my life been so thankful to have a product in my house. I will be forever thankful for LifeVac because my daughter’s 3rd birthday could have had a much scarier outcome.”

R. Rivera


We keep a LifeVac in our house, our car, and her diaper bag at all times. I am eternally grateful for this device and it’s role in helping save our little girl!”

K. Self


Hall of Saves

The LifeVac Hall of Saves represents all of the lives that have been saved by LifeVac in a choking emergency.  Hundreds of lives saved including adults and children. 

Read their story.


Mother’s Testimonial

Charlee’s Story

“I will never forget the day I was taking care of my niece, a friend’s child as well as my own 2-year-old daughter. Charlee was in the dining room eating an apple for a snack, while I was quickly cleaning up in the kitchen. Suddenly, I no longer heard the jibber jabber and giggles coming from my daughter and niece. I hurried back to the dining room only to see a face, a look I never want to see again. My daughter’s eyes were large, her face was quickly turning purple and her mouth was open. My mind was racing, my hands were shaking, and I quickly ripped her out of her highchair. I began pounding on her back to clear out her airways. Nothing. Performed the Heimlich maneuver.  Nothing. A year earlier I had noticed an ad for the LifeVac and purchased it in fear of my niece choking. I never thought I would be using it on little Charlee as she is a dainty eater. I tore the LifeVac off the wall and used it on her. I placed, pushed and pulled once and to my surprise the apple flew out. The apple was about one inch in diameter, it’s no wonder nothing else was successful. This device saved Charlee’s life; I honestly believe everyone should have one in their home. Hopefully, I never have to use my new one. “

Magie (Charee’s Mom) |  Moorse, Saskatchewan


352  is more than a number to us. Each number means that a family did not have to suffer a great loss.

Each precious face here is still with us because of their family and LifeVac.

We are making a difference one life at a time.

Logan’s Story

“On August 1 my 6 year old boy had been counting money he had just received from the tooth fairy the night before, I went down to the kitchen when suddenly he came running down, unable to breath and began turning blue. I as a parent have never been so afraid. Before my eyes my beautiful little boy was choking.

A few months prior I had purchased a LifeVac and although I had hoped to never need it, I am so beyond thankful I had it that day. Without it the outcome very well could have been tragic. The LifeVac was worth every penny and I highly recommend it to every parent, teacher, or caregiver out there. It truly is a life saving device. My little boy is proof.

At first I tried the Heimlich. No success. I got out my LifeVac and immediately my baby was breathing!!! He had swallowed two quarters that had blocked his airway. He is now completely fine and back to his normal goofy self. But without our LifeVac I’m certain this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Ali (Logan’s Mom) | Strathmore, AB Canada


This one kit covers children and adults

Free replacement LifeVac when used in a choking emergency! 

The LifeVac Home Kit comes fully equipped with an adult mask, a pediatric mask,  a practice mask, instructions and Choking prevention tips. 

 Based on the mask manufacturers guidelines for the pediatric mask, 10 kg or 22 lbs. (approximately 1 year old) is the recommended minimum weight for a proper fit.

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