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LifeVac Registers 66th Life Saved!

ifeVac is thrilled to announce another precious life saved using the choking first aid LifeVac. Below is the mother’s account of the incident. Mom’s testimonial:We bought the LifeVac a couple a months ago after we had a traumatic choking experience with our then 22 month old son. He choked on a chicken nugget and we were scared […]

65th Life Saved by LifeVac – Choking First Aid!

LifeVac received this 65th saved life report from another parent.We are so thankful that they had a LifeVac Home Kit. July 5th Had the absolute scariest moment of my life tonight.Presley choked on a hair clip. After multiple back blows didn’t work, I am thanking God that we have a Life Vac. Friends with babies and toddlers, […]