Monthly Archives: January 2023

LifeVac Saves Boy in Elementary School- #506

LifeVac is delighted to share details of our 506th life saved. A 5-year-old boy at an Elementary School in Connecticut started choking on thick while having a febrile seizure. The patient went unconscious.  We are so thankful this school had a LifeVac on hand. “One strong pull dislodged the mucus clot allowing the patient to breathe without [...]

81-Year-Old Woman Saved with LifeVac – #505

LifeVac is thrilled to share details on our 505th life saved. On September 9th the Coral Springs Fire Department responded to a choking emergency at a local restaurant.  An 81-year-old female choked on a piece of steak.  The meat caused a total obstruction. They, unfortunately, had a choking death in their city 16-17 years ago.  [...]