Counterfeit LifeVac’s are dangerous!

It’s great to see our LifeVac USA partners on the news covering the scale of these dangerous illegal unregulated Chinese counterfeit devices of our regulated LifeVac medical device. But one thing we couldn’t help but notice… Amazon stated “it acts quickly, to protect consumers and brands by removing counterfeit listings and blocking accounts”. We know this isn’t the case and that’s why the MHRA/Government Officials issued an urgent product recall for counterfeit anti-choking devices sold via Amazon, after 2 years of these dangerous devices being sold via Amazon’s selling platforms and countless reports of them failing and falling apart in a life and death situation (

It was LifeVac and government officials who are forcing Amazon to put measures in place to protect it’s customers and ensure they are following local and global medical device regulatory laws. We have lost count of the amount of listings/accounts reported on all Amazon platforms going against patents, IP and regulatory laws, for Amazon to “ignore/reject” the reports and allow more and more listings endangering peoples lives and going against advertising standards. 

Please watch this informative video on battling Counterfeit LifeVac’s: