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LIFEVAC Saves The LIFE of a ONE YEAR OLD CHILD in Lafayette, Indiana.

See this Heart Touching Video for more information: This is Killian, Thanks to his fast acting mother and LifeVac, Killian is alive today. Killian was choking on carrots, he turned purple, no air was getting into his lungs, one pull of the LifeVac and he was saved. Killian was then brought to a medical facility […]

LifeVac Saves a 1-year-Old Child from Choking!

LifeVac saves another young life. Multiple attempts using first aid had failed and emergency operators underestimated the effectiveness of the LifeVac device to save a life. So far LifeVac has a 100% success rate (first aid <70%) in relieving an airway obstruction in choking in young children. In all cases, the LifeVac has been found to […]