LifeVac Home Kit

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LifeVac is a unique lifesaving medical device that has revolutionized, for the first time ever, the way choking is treated. LifeVac is designed with a one-way patented valve to prevent any air from pushing food or objects downward. LifeVac creates suction and negative pressure that will remove the lodged food or object in the event of choking. LifeVac can be used on children, adults, elderly, people with disabilities and can even be self-administered! LifeVac is safe, effective and easy to use. LifeVac is a Class I Medical Device that is registered with Health Canada and the FDA. LifeVac can be purchased on this website or on Amazon Canada (link on bottom of the page).

Based on the mask manufacturers guidelines for the pediatric mask, 10 kg or 22 lbs. is the recommended minimum weight for a proper fit.

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