Monthly Archives: April 2022

Good Samaritan Saves 4-year-old Girl with LifeVac – #293

LifeVac is delighted to share details on our 293rd life saved On February 16th a Good Samaritan helped save the life of a 4-year-old girl.  The little girl choked on a warhead candy causing a total obstruction. Here is the terrifying choking story shared by the mom that had the LifeVac.  Please read and share! I was at [...]

LifeVac Saves 4-year-old Boy from Choking on Lego – #292

LifeVac is proud to announce to our 292nd life saved It was reported to us that on February 18th a 4-year-old boy from Alaska choked on a Lego piece.  The toy caused a partial obstruction to the young boy’s airway.  Choking rescue procedures were attempted but failed. The child’s father came quickly LifeVac in hand and used it 2 times with [...]

10-month-old Girl Saved with LifeVac – #291

LifeVac is proud to announce its 291st life saved It was reported to us that on February 15th a 10-month-old girl choked on a strawberry that fully obstructed her airway.  The child was seated in her highchair when the choking incident took place after her older brother gave her a piece of a strawberry.  Her mother saw [...]

First Responders Save Life with LifeVac – #290

LifeVac announces news of our 290th life saved. On January 22th the life of a 40-year-old male was saved by New York first responders.   The bolus caused a total obstruction and the choking victim fell to the ground. LifeVac was utilized after attempting a finger sweep.  On the 3rd place, push, pull motion the obstruction was dislodged [...]

LifeVac Used to Save 1-Year-Old from Choking on Vomit – #289

LifeVac is excited to announce our 289th life saved. A one-year-old baby girl choked on vomit causing a total obstruction.  The protocol was performed but was not able to clear her airway. Here is the mother’s frightening story of the day her daughter choked. “My boyfriend and I,  just the three of us enjoying a drive [...]

2-Year-Old Choking on Strawberry Saved with LifeVac– #288

LifeVac is happy to share news of our 288th life saved It was reported to us that on February 15th a 2-year-old little girl choked on a strawberry causing her to have a blocked airway.  The protocol was followed by her parent in an attempt to dislodge the strawberry but was unsuccessful.  LifeVac was then utilized while [...]

LifeVac Saves Man Choking on Steak– #285

Life Vac registers it’s 285th life saved. On February 10th it was reported to us that a 26-year-old male choked on steak causing a partial obstruction.  Choking rescue procedures were performed but unfortunately were unsuccessful.  LifeVac was multiple timed and successfully dislodged the obstruction clearing the man’s airway. You will never regret having a backup option!

1-year-old with seizure saved by LifeVac– #284

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 284th life saved. On January 30th a 1 1/2-year-old little girl had a seizure and began choking on a combination of medication, milk, and salvia.  The child’s mother immediately performed BLS protocol, but the child was not breathing and was unconscious.   She utilized LifeVac and on the 2nd [...]