LifeVac’ s 1497th life saved, a child in British Columbia!

LifeVac Canada is overjoyed to report that a 2-year-old boy, located in British Columbia, Canada, was rescued by LifeVac! This is the 1497th life saved by LifeVac!

The child choked on an ice cube causing a total obstruction. This is is the father’s testimonial.

“LifeVac definitely saved my child’s life… I work in health & safety and have been extensively trained in first aid for over 17 years as well as being an ex-paramedic. I always felt ready to face anything that could be thrown at me, little did I know that I’d never be ready to face emergencies as a parent. BUT last Friday our nonverbal 2-year-old son got a hold of an ice cube and began choking on it. I was upstairs having a shower and was not aware of what was transpiring, but my wife who had no formal first aid training (other than what I had shown her) after trying to clear it with some back blows, used our choking rescue device and managed to clear his airway (which at the time was fully obstructed and he was not breathing and had become unconscious). In the time it took one of my other boys to come to get me, she had cleared it enough that he was breathing again and with one more use by myself and some encouragement he was safe and cleared of the obstruction. I truly believe that he is here with us today because of LifeVac.”