Resident at Care Home Saved by LifeVac – #398

LifeVac registers it’s 398th life saved

It was reported to us by our partners in the UK that LifeVac was deployed in a care home. The home is situated in the Southeast of England.  An elderly female resident was enjoying their meal when she quickly came into difficulty. Food had become lodged in her airway. Creating a full airway obstruction. Staff acted quickly, delivering BLS choking protocol. Unfortunately, these attempts were unsuccessful in dislodging the airway obstruction. The resident then became unconscious. Staff members quickly deployed their LifeVac device from their wall-mounted kit. One the second Place – Push – Pull motion, LifeVac dislodged the casualty’s airway obstruction, saving her life.

Extremely positive as the resident recovered and they found device easy to use, quick and easy to use and life-saving. — Care Home Manager

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