LifeVac Saves Girl Choking on Piece of Sausage – #241

LifeVac is thrilled to announce our 241st life saved.  It was reported to us on Christmas day that a 9-year-old girl choked on a piece of sausage.  Choking rescue procedures were followed but were unsuccessful in dislodging the obstruction.  Thankfully a mom that was visiting the family had a LifeVac in her car.  She used the LifeVac and on the 1st attempt cleared the child’s airway.  Another good samaritan, another hero saving a child’s life.

My friend’s daughter was choking on a piece of sausage last week. In has received LifeVac a few months ago for a baby shower gift since I am an anxious mother. I had it with me in my vehicle and am soo blessed. It worked first try! Thank you LifeVac!! Everyone there has since purchased it!

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