LifeVac Registers 87th Life Saved

LifeVac is so proud to announce another young life saved in a choking emergency. Read the mother’s testimonial below:

A couple of months a post prompted me to buy a LifeVac while pregnant. We had a scare with our 4-week-old son the other night. He had been phlegmy from spitting up earlier, and he was nursing, and then he started coughing and choking and I couldn’t get him to really take a breath AT ALL by the normal routes (back-patting, etc). He just kept choking. I freaked out and grabbed the LifeVac and used it and he immediately took a big deep breath and started screaming bloody murder at me. I have NEVER been so glad to hear him screaming!! It was SUPER scary.

In the moment of panic, the LifeVac was quick and easy to use and, it worked, thank god. Would he have eventually coughed enough to clear his throat? Maybe, but it wasn’t happening and it was terrifying. So, thank you, you saved his life!!

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