LifeVac Saves 64th Life from Choking!

LIFEVAC SAVES 64TH LIFE!  We are thrilled to receive news that another child was saved using LifeVac. This is why we do what we do each day. Below is a testimonial from the mother of the 4.5-year-old girl.  Thankfully this family had a LifeVac on hand.

Mom’s testimonial
“I am the mother of a 4.5-year-old little girl. Thanks to LifeVac she is still with us today after choking on a grape from a salad. We were given the LifeVac from her grandparents and never in a million years did we expect to need it. My husband tried performing back blows and finger sweeps to remove the grape and when it failed we reached for the LifeVac. After using the device twice the grape was dislodged and she began breathing. We are so thankful that we had LifeVac on hand.”

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