Monthly Archives: December 2021

73-Year-Old Woman Saved With LifeVac – #214

LIfeVac is excited to announce our 214th life saved.  A 73-year-old woman was eating soft cheese when she began choking causing partial airway obstruction. The patient was unable to cough and was turning grey in color.  The Heimlich maneuver was performed for several minutes without any success.  LifeVac was then utilized clearing the patient’s airway [...]

2-Year-Old Saved with LifeVac After Choking on Strawberries – #213

LifeVac is proud to share news of our 213th life saved.  We have received news from our partners in Australia that another child has been saved.  A precious 2-year-old was saved in New Zealand when the child choked on cut-up strawberries and soft cheese causing a total blockage. LifeVac was used one time dislodging the [...]