The vision of LifeVac came from a story that Arthur Lih, founder and CEO of LifeVac, heard of a woman in a hospital weeping following the death of her young son.

The reason for his death was that a grape had become lodged in his windpipe and the Heimlich Maneuver did not work. Once he heard the story he set out to invent an apparatus that could clear an airway of a child in the event of choking and save lives.

        Arthur, Dr. Brody, and a few close friends set out to bring LifeVac to the public by establishing a research and development facility located in Springfield Gardens, NY where we are producing the anti-choking device in order to bring the safest, simplest method to save a choking victim. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible throughout the world.

Arthur Lih with his daughter Jackie